Institute Managing Committee

Sr.Name of the members of the INSTITUTEDesignationOrganization
1Mrs. Rohini Pranjal KhewalkarIndustry PartnerMuktai Sugar & Energy Ltd., Muktainagar
2Dr. Chintaman Supadu ChaudhariSociety MemberMutktainagar Taluka Education Society, Muktainagar
3Mr. Narayan Namdev ChaudhariSociety MemberMutktainagar Taluka Education Society, Muktainagar
4Mr. Purushottam Nivrutti MahajanSociety MemberMutktainagar Taluka Education Society, Muktainagar
5Mr. Ramesh Mahadu KhachaneSociety MemberMutktainagar Taluka Education Society, Muktainagar
6Mr. Chandrashekhar Jagannath BendaleIndustry MemberProprietor, Swastik Engineering’s, Jalgaon
7Mr. Anil Shridhar BoroleIndustry MemberProprietor, Niranjan Industries, Jalgaon
8Mr. Kishor Dalu DhakeIndustry MemberProprietor, Soyo Systems, Jalgaon
9Mr. Dinesh Dagadu JagtapIndustry MemberElectrical Engineer, Adishakti Muktai Sahkari Sutagirani, Muktainagar
10Mr. Sujit Pandharinath PatilPrincipal SecretaryLate, G.S.Varade, Private, I.T.I., Muktainagar
11Mr. Vishal Bhagwat RaneFaculty MemberLate, G.S.Varade, Private, I.T.I., Muktainagar

Roles & Responsibilties of IMC will be under

  • Develop the IDP for ITI, the IDP shall be define the long term goal of the institute, issues and challenges facing the ITI and stratergies for the deal with them. It shall set target of institutional improvement, define key performance indicator and details the financial requirement with yearwise PBGA to meet need.
  • Obtain short term, medium term and long term requirement of skill works for and take step to produce graduates accordingly.
  • Identify training needs and develop them for taining in associated industry with institute.
  • Ensure implementation of various activities of the scheme in time bound manners so as to adhere to time schedule agreed in STRIVE project.
  • Monitor the progress of implementation of the scheme at intitute level and expert from local academic circle, furnish periodical report to DGT.
  • Set up suitable mechanism to obtain feedback from tarining and industry about the quality of training and use the feedback from improvement in training delivery.
  • Set up placement cell in ITI to guide the graduates in employment/ self employment and develop suitable substainable mechanism to trace the carrier of graduate for at least 5 year.
  • Furnish periodical report with respect to placement as mention in sub para-(vii) above to DGT.
  • Any roles and responsibilities asign by ITI.